Who We Are For You

Boom is a next generation special event company.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and developed individuals who are dedicated to delivering electrifying and unique experiences.

From organized project managers and event leads as well as our expert and energetic DJs, Emcees, Dancers, Lighting Programmers, Stage Hands, Audio Techs, Stage Managers, Graphic Designers, Marketing team and Promotional team, we work passionately and tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

What We Do For You

By listening to your wants, needs and struggles, we work with you to develop a multi-year plan focusing on increasing attendance and involvement in extra-curricular activities in engaging and exhilarating ways.  By joining directly with students, teachers and administrators, we are able to provide an incomparable event experience for you and your attendees.

Our Goals For You

  • Increase student engagement
  • Provide unique experiences students want to attend
  • Make your job easier
  • Build UNITY through MUSIC and PARTYING together–