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BOOM & B96

Since 2010, BOOM Entertainment and CBS radio’s B96 Chicago have been taking high school students by storm with our exclusive partnership.  In this joint venture, myBOOMtour offers on air personalities to high schools for events, live broadcasting from specially selected schools, provides giveaways and special promotions to students through B96 affiliates, meet and greets with musical artists, and helps make the B96 Summer Bash and Jingle Bash a reality for students in the greater Chicago-land area.



BOOM Entertainment is a trusted partner and valuable resource to the Illinois Directors of Student Activities. Starting as merely an attendee of their annual conference, we quickly grew to become a trusted ally because of our efforts towards the betterment of their conference, and our experiences within the walls of over 50 schools in the greater Chicago-land area.  While we do not work directly with every high school that attends the conference, we serve as a partner and support all the schools that attend.


Whether a wedding, corporate event, or other special occasion, we’ve got the perfect photo booth for you. With six different booth options, total customization capabilities, and all the props and add-ons you need, at your next event is guaranteed to be a big hit.

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BOOM DJ Academy

BOOM Production

A subdivision under the BOOM Entertainment umbrella, the BOOM Production team is the kingpin of the industry. Utilizing only the most qualified hands, adhering to the highest safety standards, and resourceful partnerships with other production leaders, we are able to deliver a top of the line event experiences.

BOOM Design

The BOOM Design Team has a unique perspective when it comes to each event design.  Our highly credited team of designers have worked on projects ranging from the biggest festivals and concerts in the country to beautifully recognized wedding table designs.  We see key elements when designing our events like including the latest trends, cutting edge lighting technology and tackling the design process from the perspective of your guests.  We are looking for the experience of each event to touch everyone equally weather you are the first to arrive, sitting in the front row, or the last person off the dance floor